Hey there, fabulous queens! Today, we're going to take a dip into the steamy, dreamy world of premarital shenanigans. Get ready, grab your pearls for clutching, because we’re about to dismantle this ancient stigma one thread at a time.

For whatever reason, premarital sex is still considered taboo in 2023, especially for women. There is often a great deal of stigma and shame associated with it, and women who engage in premarital sex continue to be seen as promiscuous, immoral, or even trashy. These views are more outdated than the flip phone in your grandma’s purse and can have negative long-term effects on women’s mental health, relationships, and self-esteem.

The primary reason for the stigma surrounding premarital sex is the cultural and religious beliefs that have been ingrained in societies. Many see sex as something that should only happen within the confines of marriage, and anything outside of that is as a violation of religious or moral values. Often, family members, community leaders, and religious authorities reinforce this view, making it hard for some women to challenge these beliefs and make their own decisions about their lives and bodies. 

Unfortunately, this kind of stigma has real-world consequences for us. Some may be shamed and rejected by their families and communities, which makes it difficult to form healthy relationships and pursue goals. Women can also be at risk of physical violence or harassment, since some people think that women who engage in premarital sex are somehow deserving of harsh treatment. Rather than stigmatizing women, society should focus on providing education, resources, and support needed to make informed and safe decisions. This means promoting comprehensive sex education, providing access to contraception and reproductive healthcare, and challenging harmful stereotypes about women and their sexuality.

Societies evolve, beliefs transform, and let’s face it – we aren’t about to marry the first person we dated in high school anymore (or maybe ever). Some folks test drive cars before buying them; some folks want to explore their sexual compatibility before marriage. Humans aren’t objects, our value doesn’t diminish because of our sexual experiences, and our worth isn't determined by our past. Indulgēre wants women to know that we are queens and have the right to make our own choices about our bodies & lives, including when and with who we have sex. 🎤

Be sexy. Be safe. Be Confident.