Hey there, it’s your Indulgēre bestie! Back again to stir stuff up! Join me, won’t you? 

Gender stereotypes surrounding sex have been around since the beginning of time. Women are often portrayed as passive, submissive, and uninterested in sex, while men are seen as the aggressive pursuers. These are exactly the type of stereotypes that Indulgēre is here to squash, because not only are they harmful, but they can lead to dissatisfying sexual experiences. We’re not here for that! Here are a few ways that women can challenge these gender stereotypes and take control of their sexual experiences.

Communication is Key: Communication is a big part of any healthy sexual relationship. Women should feel empowered and comfortable enough to communicate their needs and desires to their partners, regardless of what society has to say. This could be anything from talking openly about what feels good, what doesn't, and putting boundaries in place. When women can express themselves freely, it’s a bit difficult to be labeled as passive and uninterested in sex.🔥

Prioritize Pleasure: Women have been, directly and indirectly, taught to prioritize their partner's pleasure over their own. In doing so, plenty of women end up having unsatisfying sexual experiences and perpetuate the stereotype that women don’t enjoy sex. We 21st Century queens, however, have become pretty damn good at prioritizing our own pleasure and communicating what we need in order to feel satisfied. 

Exploring Sexual Fantasies: Many women are embarrassed to share their sexual fantasies with their partners, and that sucks. Women should feel empowered to share and explore their fantasies with their partners in a safe and consensual way. We’re sexual beings too.

Reject Shame and Guilt: Shame surrounding female sexuality is simply archaic. It’s seriously time for women to reject that noise and embrace their sexuality. Put on Christina Aguilera’s song, “Your Body” and lean into sex positivity, because long gone are the days where women exist purely to please men.

Be sexy. Be safe. Be confident.