It’s your Indulgēre bestie, here to talk about something I’m sure we’ve all had to deal with before: the lame excuses guys try to give for not wearing a condom. Using condoms is essential in preventing sexually transmitted infections and unwanted pregnancies. However, some guys still try to make excuses not to use them. Here are some of the most common excuses our community of queens has heard:

Excuse 1: "I don't have one with me." 

Bet you’ve heard this one before! It's important to remember that condoms are widely available, and there is no excuse not to have them. Indulgēre offers condoms that can be purchased online and delivered directly to your home in discreet packaging. Not having a condom is not a valid excuse.

Excuse 2: "I can’t feel anything with it on; it’s cutting off my circulation."

Some men may struggle to maintain an erection with a condom. However, if it’s not substance related or medical, this can only be due to one of two things:  the condom is too snug, or the guy has anxiety related to the use of condoms. It's important to remember that condoms are a part of safe sex practices and that they provide an essential level of protection. Indulgēre offers the two most common condom sizes in one convenient pack, so if that doesn’t do the trick, have your guy practice some relaxation techniques.

Excuse 3: "It doesn't feel as good with a condom."

Some men may feel that sex is less pleasurable with a condom, but this is not a reason to forego using one. Not only can unprotected sex lead to serious health problems, but the risk of unwanted pregnancy can cause anxiety and stress. Plus, there are several types of condoms on the market that are designed to enhance pleasure while still providing protection.

Excuse 4: "I'm allergic to latex."

Being that some men may be allergic to latex, there are several non-latex alternatives available. Polyurethane condoms, for example, are a viable option for those with latex allergies. Also, there are natural latex condoms that are coated with a non-latex lubricant, which can reduce the risk of allergic reactions.

Let’s be real - if a guy can remember the stats of every player on his favorite sports team, he can surely remember to wear protection. So, let’s call out those excuses for not using condoms. They are widely available and easy to use. Safety first, always. And for those guys who still don't get it, let’s hope evolution is kinder to the next generation. 😉 

Be sexy. Be safe. Be confident.