Hey queens! There’s no way that sexual taboos are still a thing. Right? Well, they kind of are, so let’s jump right into this archaic world of the forbidden, the hushed, and the outright pearl clutching—sexual taboos. 🙊

Taboos related to sex have probably been around since the beginning of time, but it’s past time for them to be extinct. For anyone unsure of what a sexual taboo is, they refer to those acts, beliefs, and practices surrounding sex that society has deemed inappropriate, forbidden, or sinful. They can have a negative impact on a woman’s ability to have positive sexual experiences. Breaking down these taboos is crucial for creating a more open and accepting society where people feel free to explore and express their sexuality. Indulgēre is helping to create a society where women can freely explore and express their sexuality without the fear of judgment. Here are a few ways we believe you can help today’s society step out of the 1800s:

1. Challenging stereotypes: Promoting sex positivity, embracing sexual orientation and identity diversity, and challenging outdated gender stereotypes keep the mark moving.

2. Education and awareness: Knowledge is powerful. By schools offering comprehensive sex education and raising awareness about sexuality, young ladies can gain a better understanding of sexual health, consent, and different sexual orientations and identities.

3. Encouraging open communication: Women should feel empowered to discuss their sexual experiences, preferences, and boundaries with their partners, and even their girlfriends. This helps reduce feelings of shame and stigma around sex.

4. Embracing self-expression: Women should be encouraged to express their sexuality in ways that are authentic and empowering to them. This may include exploring different sexual practices, using sex toys, or experimenting with different types of relationships. 

I’m sure the thought of these barriers can be disheartening, but remember this: taboos are constructed. And what's constructed can be deconstructed, rebuilt, and redefined. 💃  

Be sexy. Be safe. Be Confident.