Hey girl, hey! It’s your new fave Indulgēre bestie, ready to get real. Today, let's address the elephant in the room – or should I say, the latex in the nightstand? Yes, we’re talking about women purchasing condoms. 

Modern women are astronauts, CEOs, coders, and so much more. Yet, there’s still some awkwardness when we walk up to a checkout counter with a pack of condoms. Why is this even a 'thing' in 2023? Not that you should even have to be concerned with who’s watching when buying condoms, but Indulgēre avoids an audience altogether. Purchasing easily and discreetly online tends to be more convenient for most women. 

It's simple: our company is all about encouraging women to buy their own condoms if they are sexually active, to protect themselves against sexually transmitted infections (STIs) and unintended pregnancy.  Men cannot and should not be expected to take responsibility for a potential partner’s sexual health. Buying condoms isn’t a sign of promiscuity; it's a sign of responsibility and us taking charge of our sexual health. In the game of intimacy, that's a major power move. Women are rewriting the narrative by showing the world that they're in control, not just in boardrooms, but bedrooms too.

It's also super important to remember that using condoms is just one aspect of safe, responsible sex, and if you’re active, you should also get tested for STIs regularly. A girl's got to protect her kingdom, right? 🏰

Be sexy. Be safe. Be confident.