Keeping it Sassy and Sex-Positive! 💋

It’s your new favorite Indulgēre bestie, with another audacious blog, about a term that’s been making waves: Sex Positivity. Grab your fave drink, get cozy, and let’s unpack this one together! 

You’ve heard the term a lot lately, but what is it, exactly?  In the simplest terms, sex positivity is a movement that emphasizes the importance of healthy and consensual sexual experiences without judgement. The concept has been pivotal for women, who have historically faced societal stigma and oppression as it relates to sexuality. 

Sex Positivity Is NOT🚫…

...saying everyone should be having sex.

...ignoring boundaries.

...shaming those who choose celibacy or abstinence.

Sex positivity IS all about consent, communication, and mutual respect. Period. Here are a few reasons why it’s important. 

Breaking Down Sexual Taboos: Sex positivity is all about breaking down taboos and stigmas surrounding sex. Society has placed an unfair burden on women to be "pure" and "chaste", leading to a culture of shame and guilt surrounding female sexuality. Women that embrace sex positivity, can challenge these outdated and harmful beliefs, while feeling empowered to explore their sexual desires.

Promoting Healthy Sexual Experiences: Sex positivity also promotes healthy and consensual sexual experiences. Women are subconsciously taught to prioritize the needs of their male partner over their own, leading to unsatisfying sexual encounters. Um, no thanks! Now you’re encouraged to communicate your needs and desires, and to prioritize your pleasure. 

Challenging Gender Stereotypes: Sex positivity challenges gender stereotypes and promotes gender equality. Women don’t have to be submissive in sexual relationships, and at the same time, men don’t have to be dominant. We’re rejecting these harmful stereotypes and encouraging women to take an active role in their sexual experiences. 

Indulgēre is all about promoting self-expression, empowerment, and breaking taboos! Sex positivity encourages dialogue, promotes safer sex, and most importantly, is a step toward removing the shame surrounding sex. It’s 2023 and your journey is valid. Join the movement and embrace the queen you’ve always been! 

Be sexy. Be safe. Be Confident.