Hey luvs! 👑 Been a minute, but not to worry, I've got my ear to the ground, my finger on the pulse, and my eye on all the queens out there setting trends and breaking barriers.  Although there are still societal pressures to follow traditional norms, more and more, I'm seeing ladies all around choose to delay, or completely forgo, settling down and getting married, and it’s pretty damn empowering. 

Let’s get into some of the reasons behind this decision:

We're Investing in Ourselves: For many women, our career goals and pursuits take precedence over settling down. We are more likely than ever to pursue advanced degrees, climb the corporate ladder, and establish successful businesses. Being single provides the freedom to travel, explore new hobbies, launch businesses, and focus on personal growth and development. Who's got time to settle when there's an empire to build?

Financial Independence is Sexy : In the past, marriage was often viewed as a means for financial stability and security. Today, we're earning our own money and making our own decisions about how to spend, save, or invest it. Financial independence means the freedom to make choices that align with our values, not just our bank accounts.

This Isn’t a Relationships Race: For some women, the idea of settling down and committing to one person can be overwhelming, since many have witnessed failed relationships or marriages in their lives and may be hesitant to enter a similar situation. In a world where the digital age brings so many people to our fingertips, we're in no rush. Finding the right partner is more about quality than timing. Some of us might find our match at 20, others at 40, and some might not be looking at all. And that’s completely okay. 💃

We've Seen the Blueprint, And We're Changing It:  Society's expectations of women have shifted in recent years. We are no longer expected to marry and start a family at a young age. While that life is beautiful and honorable, we also recognize that there are multiple ways to lead a fulfilling life. The push for gender equality has opened more opportunities for us, and marriage is no longer seen as the ultimate goal. Women are encouraged to live their lives on their terms, which may mean delaying or foregoing settling down altogether.

Being single, regardless of age, isn’t a sign of lacking or waiting. It’s a valid and valuable life stage, full of growth, self-exploration, and yes, sexual experiences!

Be sexy. Be safe. Be confident.