Go ahead queen,

spoil yourself

gratify yourself

love yourself

luxuriate yourself

appreciate yourself

indulge yourself



Indulgēre provides quality, multi-size condoms in one convenient pack. Single sizes available as well!
Indulgence is only a purchase away. All of our products are shipped directly to you, in discrete packaging.


Everyone deserves to feel confident.

Whether you’re recently single or have been enjoying playing the field, we believe all women should feel empowered to purchase protection.


Purchasing protection can be overwhelming, especially if you’re a woman. At Indulgēre, we understand the stress and stigma around buying condoms—and we want to kick those feelings to the curb. We started our business with women in mind, which is why our products are sent directly to your doorstep for confidentiality and convenience. 

This is no longer a man’s world. Let’s prove it to them.


We empower women to live their best life. Specifically, our products provide…


Sexual self-care and indulgence.


A one-stop shop for various protection options, because all men were not created equal.


Confidentiality, so you can feel stress-free when shopping.


A way of life, by embracing and exploring your desires.


Equality, because women can buy condoms, too!


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