We make purchasing protection stress-free.

At Indulgēre, we understand the stress and stigma women experience when buying condoms—and we want to kick those feelings to the curb. In 2023, we started our business with women in mind, which is why our products are sent directly to your doorstep for confidentiality and convenience.

This is no longer a man’s world. Let’s prove it to them.

Your friends at Indulgēre


Our Mission

Equality. Efficacy. Empowerment. 

We aim to empower single women to take control of their sexual health, protect themselves with quality products, and extinguish the promiscuity stigma of buying condoms.


Meet Loyal

Loyal Ammons is the founder and owner of Indulgēre. Raised in Atlanta, GA, she moved to Nashville, TN right after a breakup in 2018. As someone who completely understands the foibles of the dating world, who believes in sex positivity and equality, and who is more career-driven than family-motivated, she decided to start her own business to empower single women. Loyal started Indulgēre in 2023 to promote female self-care and confidence.


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