Privacy Policy


Effective July 7, 2023 

We take your privacy very seriously. Please read this privacy policy statement carefully as it contains important information on who we are, and how and why we collect, store, use, and share your personal information. It also explains your rights in relation to your personal information and how to contact us in the event you have a complaint. 

1) Website. 

  1. a) Website Owner. Her Choice, Co. d/b/a Indulgēre, ("Indulgēre") is the owner of this website  (“Website"). Indulgēre can be contacted by e-mail at This online privacy policy discloses Indulgēre information practices for this Website, including what type of personally identifiable information is collected, how the information is used, and with whom the information is shared.  
  2. b) Website Visits. In general, you can visit the Website without disclosing any personal information. Indulgēre may collect certain information from Website visitors. This may include, but is not limited to, the server domain name, e-mail address, type of computer and web browser, what pages visitors accessed, and limited information about search requests. This information is used to solve technical problems and to calculate overall usage statistics. 
  3. c) Website Transactions. At times, Indulgēre will need personal information regarding a  customer or client in order to process a purchase. It is Indulgere's intent to inform you  before Indulgēre collects personal information.  

2) Personal Information That May Be Collected. 

  1. a) Identifying Information. In order to make a purchase within the Website, Indulgēre may ask a visitor to provide certain personal identifying information, which may include name,  mailing address, e-mail address, telephone number, shipping address, method of payment,  and, if applicable, credit card number. Indulgēre may request additional information necessary to establish and maintain the customer's account. 
  2. b) Service Quality Monitoring. Some Website transactions may require Indulgēre to contact a customer or client by phone. Indulgēre will not contact you by phone without your prior consent, except to confirm an order placed online and/or to inform a customer of the status of such an order. Customer should be aware that it is Indulgere's practice to monitor, and in some cases record such calls for staff training or quality assurance purposes. 
  3. c) Information from Children. Indulgēre does not collect or maintain information from users actually known to be under the age of 18, and no part of Indulgere's Website is structured to attract anyone under the age of 18. Indulgēre will not collect or post information from a  child known to be under the age of 18 without the written consent of a parent or guardian.  Indulgēre does not knowingly use personally identifying information collected from children for marketing or promotional purposes and does not disclose such information to any third party for any purpose whatsoever.
  4. d) Lost or Stolen Information. Help us keep your personal information accurate. If your payment information and/or username and password change or is lost or stolen, you should promptly notify Indulgēre in order to enable Indulgēre to cancel the lost or stolen information and to update its records with changed information. 
  5. e) Links to Other Websites. The Website may contain links to third-party websites. Indulgēre makes no warranties of any kind regarding any such external websites to which you may be directed or hyperlinked from this Website. Hyperlinks are included solely for your convenience, and Indulgēre makes no representations or warranties with regard to the accuracy, availability, suitability, or safety of information provided on such third-party websites. Indulgēre does not endorse, warrant, or guarantee any products or services offered or provided by or on behalf of third parties on the Site. If you decide to access linked third-party websites, you do so at your own risk. 

3) Uses Made of the Information. 

  1. a) Limited Uses Identified. Without your prior consent, Indulgēre will not use your personally identifiable information for any purpose other than that for which it is submitted. Indulgēre uses personally identifiable information to reply to inquiries, handle complaints, provide operational notices, and in program record-keeping. Indulgēre also processes billing and business requests related to the Website’s goods and/or services. Indulgēre may also use personal information collected from you for statistical analysis of customer behavior, for product development, and content improvement, to customize the content and layout of the  Website, and for internal Indulgēre reviews. 
  2. b) Marketing Uses. The information you provide to the Website may also be collected, used,  analyzed, and/or processed by Indulgēre, or selected third parties on Indulgere's behalf, for marketing and other business purposes. If you do not want your personal identifying information used in this way, you may opt out of receiving such marketing material by following the instructions provided in the marketing materials or by contacting Indulgēre by e-mail at 
  3. c) Promotional Communications. We may use your personal information to send you updates about our products and/or services, including exclusive offers, promotions, or new products and/or services. We have a legitimate interest in processing your personal information for promotional purposes, which means we do not usually need your consent to send you promotional communications. However, where consent is needed, we will ask for this consent separately and clearly. You have the right to opt out of receiving promotional communications at any time by contacting us by email at 
  4. d) Stored Information Uses. Indulgēre stores the information entered on the Website. This information is used to compile a customer's purchase history in order to enable Indulgēre to recommend products, services, or special offers that would be of interest to a customer.  The stored information is used by Indulgēre to support customer interaction with the Website, to deliver purchases and/or services, and/or to contact the customer or client again about other Indulgēre services and products. 
  5. e) Online Advertising. Some companies that help Indulgēre deliver advertising may collect and use information about Indulgere's customers to help Indulgēre better understand the types of advertising or promotions that are most appealing to Indulgere's customers. If the customer would prefer that these companies not collect such information, you may notify  Indulgēre by e-mail at 

4) Disclosure of the Information. 

  1. a) Within Corporate Organization. Indulgēre may share your personal information within the  Indulgēre corporate organization. 
  2. b) Mergers and Acquisitions. For the purpose of developing and expanding its business,  Indulgēre may share, rent, sell, or buy business assets. In such transactions, customer information is generally one of the transferred business assets. Also, in the event Indulgēre is acquired, customer information will be one of the transferred assets. 
  3. c) Agents. Indulgēre may engage other companies and individuals to perform business functions on behalf of Indulgēre. These persons are provided with personal identifying information required to perform their functions but are prohibited from using the information for other purposes.  
  4. d) Disclosure to Governmental Authorities. Indulgēre may release personal information to appropriate governmental authorities where release is required by law (for example, a  subpoena) or by a regulation, or is requested by a government agency conducting investigations or proceedings. 

5) Use of Computer Tracking Technologies. 

  1. a) No Tracking of Personal Information. Indulgere's Website(s) are not set up to track,  collect, or distribute personal information not entered by visitors. Our site logs do generate certain kinds of non-identifying site usage data, such as the number of hits and visits to our sites. This information is used for internal purposes by technical support staff to provide better services to the public and may also be provided to others, but, again, the statistics contain no personal information and cannot be used to gather such information. 
  2. b) Use of Cookies. A cookie is a small amount of data that is sent to a customer's browser from a web server and is stored on the computer's hard drive. Indulgēre uses non-identifying cookies to provide easier site navigation. Indulgere's Website(s) can still be used if the customer's browser is set to reject cookies. Indulgere's cookies do not generate personal data, do not read personal data from your device, and are never tied to anything that could be used to identify you. 
  3. c) Use of Web Beacon Technologies. Indulgēre may also use web beacon or other technologies to better tailor its Website to provide better customer service. If these technologies are in use when a visitor accesses these pages of the Website, a non-identifiable notice of that visit is generated which may be processed by Indulgēre or by its suppliers. Web beacons usually work in conjunction with cookies. If the customer does not want cookie information to be associated with the customer's visits to these pages, the customer can set its browser to turn off cookies; however, web beacons and other technologies will still detect visits to these pages, but the notices they generate cannot be associated with other non-identifiable cookie information and are disregarded.
  4. d) Collection of Non-Identifiable Information. Indulgēre may collect non-identifiable information from user visits to the Indulgēre Website(s) in order to provide better customer service. Examples of such collecting include traffic analysis, such as tracking of the domains from which users visit, or tracking numbers of visitors; measuring visitor activity on Indulgēre Website(s); Website and system administration; user analysis; and business decision making. Such information is sometimes known as "clickstream data." Indulgēre or its contractors may use this data to analyze trends and statistics. 
  5. e) Collection of Personal Information. Indulgēre collects personal identifying information from customers during a transaction. Indulgēre may extract some personally identifying information about that transaction in a non-identifiable format and combine it with other non-identifiable information, such as clickstream data. This information is used to help  Indulgēre understand trends and patterns and is not reviewed at an individual level. 

6) Information Security. 

  1. a) Commitment to Online Security. Indulgēre intends to protect customer personal information and to maintain its quality. To achieve information security and quality, Indulgēre implements appropriate measures and processes, such as using industry-standard encryption technologies when transmitting certain sensitive information. We limit access to your personal information to those who have a genuine business need to access it. 
  2. b) No Liability for Acts of Third Parties. Indulgēre will exercise all reasonable efforts to safeguard the confidentiality of customer personal information. However, transmissions protected by industry-standard security technology and implemented by human beings cannot be made absolutely secure. Consequently, Indulgēre shall not be liable for unauthorized disclosure of personal information due to no fault of Indulgēre including, but not limited to, errors in transmission and unauthorized acts of third parties. 

7) Privacy Policy Changes and Opt-Out Rights. 

  1. a) Changes to Privacy Policy. This privacy notice was last updated on July 7, 2023. Indulgēre reserves the right to change its privacy policy statement at any time. A notice of any material change will be posted on the Website.  
  2. b) Opt-Out Right. You have the right at any time to stop permitting personal information to be collected, used, or disclosed by Indulgēre and/or by any third parties with whom  Indulgēre has shared and/or transferred such personal information. Right of cancellation may be exercised by contacting Indulgēre by e-mail at After processing the cancellation, Indulgēre will delete the customer or prospective customer's personal information from its database. 

8) Access Rights to Data. 

  1. a) Information Maintained by Indulgēre. Upon your request, Indulgēre will provide a  reasonable description of the personally identifiable information that Indulgēre maintains in its data bank. Indulgēre can be contacted by e-mail at 
  2. b) Corrections and Changes to Personal Information. Help us to keep your personal information accurate. If your personal information changes, or if you identify an error after reviewing the information that Indulgēre has on file, please promptly e-mail Indulgēre at and provide the new or correct information. 

Your California Privacy Rights. California's privacy laws require Indulgēre to provide notice to California users of their rights to receive information on which entities their information was shared for marketing purposes. 

Beginning on January 1, 2005, California Civil Code Section 1798.83 permits Indulgere’s customers or clients who are California residents to request certain information regarding  Indulgere's disclosure of personal information for their direct marketing purposes. To make such a request, please write to: Within thirty (30) days of receiving such a request, Indulgēre will provide a list of the categories of personal information disclosed to third parties for third-party direct marketing purposes during the immediately preceding calendar year, along with the names and addresses of these third parties. This request may be made no more than once per calendar year. Indulgēre reserves its right not to respond to requests submitted other than to the address specified in this paragraph. 

9) Accountability. 

  1. a) Questions, Problems and Complaints. If you have a question about this policy statement or a complaint about Indulgēre compliance with this privacy policy, you may contact Indulgēre by e-mail at  
  2. b) Terms of Use. If you choose to purchase Indulgere’s products and/or services, the customer's action is hereby deemed acceptance of Indulgēre practices described in this policy statement. Any dispute over privacy between a customer or client and Indulgēre is subject to the provisions of this notice and to Indulgere's Terms of Use Agreement which is incorporated into this Online Privacy Policy statement and can be read at 
  c) Do You Need Extra Help? If you would like this notice in another format    (for example: audio, large print, braille) please contact us by e-mail at